How to share Zong balance to Zong Jazz Ufone Telenor and Warid

By | 03/11/2021

How to share Zong balance to Zong Jazz Ufone Telenor and Warid

How to share Zong balance to Zong Jazz Ufone Telenor and Warid

How to share Zong balance to Zong Jazz Ufone Telenor and Warid. Zong allows its users to quickly transfer their mobile balance from one Zong number to another. The company has dubbed its balance sharing service “Zong Yari Load”. The basic logic behind this service and its name is to stay connected with your loved ones at all times. Not essential to worry if your loved one has run out of Zong SIM credit, as you can share the balance with your Zong SIM number at any time.


What is Yari Load?

Zong Yari Load is a balance sharing service. It has made life a slice easier the minuscule it comes to someone close to your heart, whether it’s your sister, brother or friend who needs mobile credit. The balance transfer service can be used in both directions, which means you can:

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Your balance can be transferred from one SIM to another.
Request a Balance – Request that the balance be sent to you.


In this essay, we’ll go over how to transfer Zong SIM balance to others and get SIM credit from others. N To distribute Zong balances, you must have some balance. Want to check your balance? Here’s how.


We suggest that you read the FAQ below, as it contains answers to many questions that may come to your mind.

Zong Balance Share Code.

Zong Balance Sharing Guide.
How to divide the balance from Zong to Zong.
Please follow these instructions if you want to share your Zong Balance with someone who also has a Zong SIM:
* 828 # Zong Balance Code to share from your phone:
Enter the phone number of the person who will be receiving the message.
After that, type in the amount you’d want to send.
Now answer with “1” to confirm the balance transfer.
How to request balance from friends and family
Zong users can seek an emergency balance at any time from their friends and family. To get an extended credit from another Zong user, follow these steps:

From your cell phone, dial * 829 #.Enter the sender’s phone number from which you want to request credit.
Finally, enter the amount you wish to order.
Dial * 829 # to request balance. Zong Yari load duties
When you send a balance to somebody using Zong Balance Sharing Service, the company charges Rs. 2 tax on each successful transfer.


Rs. 2 tax will be charged after the successful balance transfer.

There are no charges for requesting balance from other Zong users. Charges apply only when the transfer is successful.

Zong joint balance accuracy

Balance Transfer Amount Additional Validity (Incoming and Outgoing)
10 – 50 5 days or more, whichever is higher.
51-99 30 days or current, whichever is longer.
100-199 60 days or more, whichever is higher.
Movable and non-movable Zong balance.
Movable Balance Non-Movable Balance.
Scratch card recharge built-in or handset balance.
Money load autoload / loan.
Erin / eTop Up Promotion Amount, Compensated Balance, or Redeemed Balance.
We already shared an online balance recharge.
Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any eligibility criteria to be eligible for balance sharing?
All customers are eligible for this service if they have recharged Rs. Fifty or more in the last 30 days.

Is Yari Load service available for postpaid customers?

No, the Zong Balance Share service is not available for postpaid connections. So then, both the sender and the receiver would use Zong’s prepaid SIM.

Does the service require a subscription?

No, the Yari Load service user does not need to subscribe. You can use this service as required.

Can we share the balance from Zong to Ufone, Telenor, Jazz / Warid, or any other operator SIM?
No, you can’t. The service only works for Zong to Zong transfer.

Are there any charges for applying for a balance?

No, there is no charge for asking for a balance from another Zong user. However, the company deducts expenses if the transfer is successful.

Does the load transfer service work all over Pakistan?
Consumers across Pakistan are eligible for Yari Load, except FATA and PATA users.

Is there a limit on the amount that can be transferred?

The minimum transferable amount is Rs. 10, and the maximum amount you can distribute through Yari Load is Rs. 200.

How many times can I send the balance through Yari Load?
Zong prepaid customers can transact five balance shares per day.

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Is there a minimum weighing scale that I need to maintain for the Yari load?
The balance remaining after loading should be at least Rs. 5; otherwise, you will not be talented to transfer. For example, if your SIM card has a balance of Rs 13 and you want to share Rs 10.


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