How to Turn an Old Android Phone into a Security Camera

By | 24/10/2021
How to Turn an Old Android Phone into a Security Camera

How to Turn an Old Android Phone into a Security Camera

How to Turn an Old Android Phone into a Security Camera

How to Turn an Old Android Phone into a Security Camera. If you’ve got an outdated phone, then transform it into a mobile security camera that can be used. It’s easy with an application from Edward Snowden.


The components of a ‘real’ security camera, a camera lens or an Internet connection are already in your phone. Sure, you’ve been able to do that for years with Android phones, but there’s a new way that’s even more secure.

Best application for security cameras:

We’re going to use an app called Haven, created by Edward Snowden from NSA. Use the app on almost any Android phone or tablet, from your old Spare in your drawer to the cheap 50 Walmart phone. You may use it as a safety cam while your smartphone has a functional camera and microphone. You may set up Heaven Beta through the Google Play Store, or you can set it up from your GitHub repository.

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Haven works whether your phone is linked to Wi-Fi or a USB adapter is connected to Ethernet. If you go the route of wired internet, make sure to get an adapter that also has power. The Haven app only runs on Android devices, but you can set it to alert your iPhone.


You are setting up Haven on your old phone.

Before setting up the Haven app, make sure there’s enough space in your ideal location to install your phone, get power, and where you can run an Ethernet cable or get Wi-Fi. Once this is fixed, open the Haven app. Swipe through the first pair of screens, then select “Configure”.
Tap “Allow” on the image, media and file access permission indicator, and take pictures and record videos.


Take pictures and record video:

Tap “Allow” next to the permission sign to take pictures and record video.
Your live camera feed will be on the following screen. Tap the bottom left icon to switch between front and rear cameras, and use the slider at the bottom of the screen to determine how sensitive motion detection is. Of course, you can always go back and increase or decrease movement sensitivity to better match your environment. Tap “Back” in the upper left to see more options.

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Record the audio:

Next, accept the permission signal to record the audio so you can hear the surroundings of the camera. Again, use the slider at the bottom of the screen to adjust the detection sensitivity… Tap back again at the top left of the button. Tap back.
Next, shake the phone or use the slider at the bottom to detect motion. This will start recording your camera if the phone is physically moving, such as if an intruder starts hitting the edge of your home.


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Finally, tap the “Back” button in the upper left again.
Swipe through the rest of the introduction screens. Allow sending and viewing SMS messages. Enter your phone number if you would like to send SMS alerts to your primary phone. You will need to set up an active SIM card to send SMS messages or set the signal for watches in the app settings if you are using an internet connection.

Set up Haven’s video monitoring.

Motion and audio detection is excellent, but Haven allows you to record video for a set time. First, tap Settings gear in the lower right of the main screen then turns on the “Video Monitoring” toggle.
To determine how much time Haven records the environment, choose “Set video surveillance length.”

How to Turn an Old Android Phone into a Security Camera:

With it, you have a cheap and reliable security camera! Your events – complete with photos and audio – will be automatically sent via SMS or signal, and you can always come back from the old phone and watch events. Keep in mind that you will need to trigger the monitor before you go out manually, and this will continue until you turn it off manually again. Even with these minor limitations, this is a great way to reuse an old phone!

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