How To Setup 2 Step Verification of Gmail

By | 24/08/2021

In this article you will learn that how to setup 2 Step Verification of Gmail in android mobile 2021 latest method.


Why we need to setup 2 step verification of Gmail?

We should turn on 2 step verification of google account because it’s make our google account secure. infect not only google account it also secure our mobile. After turning on 2 way authentication no one will be able to logged in our Gmail account in his mobile until he knows the password of your Gmail account. It is because when he will trying to sign in you will get a notification if you will accept that notification then he will be able to sign in other wise he will not be able to sign in. Further you will get a Email in which google will tell you that who’s tries to logged in your google account. which was his device name and what was his location. So this is best from google to secure your account.

How To Turn On 2 step authentication?

Here is your required article. Let’s start and I am going to tell you step by step.

  • First of all open your Play store
  • Click on the profile that is top right corner. There you can also see your profile picture of google.
  • Make sure you are logged in with that google account through which you want to turn on your 2 step verification
  • Now click on “Google Account” that is also shown in screenshot
  • Suggestion: Always keep your eyes on mouse arrow in screenshots

  • You will be in a new page
  • That page will be open in your default browser
  • There you will see some tabs
  • Click on security tab that is also shown in screenshot

  • Now scroll down
  • Here you will see “2-step verification” button
  • Just click on it
  • You will be on new page
  • Just scroll down
  • Now click on “Get started” button
  • Then google you ask you your password to confirm your identity
  • Give your password and click on next button
  • You will be on new page
  • Scroll down
  • Click on continue button that is also shown in screenshot

  • In new page you will see a option to give your phone number
  • Select you region and give your phone number
  • scroll down
  • At bottom you will have two options one is for text message and other one is for call.
  • Select anyone that you want
  • Now click on send button
  • Then google will ask you for code
  • That code you will receive on your number
  • Just put that code
  • And click on next button
  • You will be on new page
  • click on “Turn On” Button that is also shown in screenshot
  • You Can also read how to turn off 2 step verification

  • Congrats You 2 step verification is successfully turned on
  • You will also get a confirmation Email from google in your notification bar that is also show in screenshot

If You have still any type of confusion then you can simply watch following video that will surely clear every thing thanks


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