How To Stop Promotional Emails

By | 24/08/2021

In this article I will tell you that how to stop promotional emails. Mail box of Gmail you will see a lot of promotional emails that surely you don’t want to receive. In this article i will tell you how to stop these promotional emails.


Why We Receive These Emails?

There are a lot of reasons due to which we receive these types of email from those reasons some are as belows

  • When we login in any website then in there terms of condition (that we accept without reading) it is written that they will copy your email address and later they will send promotional emails.
  • In some cases a window popup saying accept news letter and we accept that news letter without complete reading. that news letter totally means that they will send promotional emails. So be careful while accepting these types of promotional emails.

How To Stop These Emails?

  • To stop these type of emails we have two method
  • First and simple method is that make a new email and in all website login with this email and keep clean your personal email for these type of promotional emails.
  • Second method is apply when you received a lot of promotional emails and now time to stop them. I will explain step by step and showing screenshots so keep reading

How To Stop Promotional Emails?

  • First of all open the email box
  • Chose any unwanted email
  • In that email you will see a website name as shown in screenshot.
  • See the cursor in screenshot
  • here you can see the website name
  • its mean this promotional sms is from
  • So we need to unsubscribe

  • To unsubscribe there service open that email
  • Scroll down till bottom of that email
  • At the end zoom that page
  • There You will see a unsubscribe button that is show in screenshot
  • See the cursor position in screenshot
  • Click on unsubscribe

  • After clicking on Unsubscribe you will be on new page
  • And there you will see a button name as “don’t send me emails like this”
  • Click on that button
  • New message will popup saying that successfully unsubscribe as shown in screenshot
  • Congrats! Now you will not receive promotional emails from that specific website
  • But your work is still not end
  • You will not receive emails from that website but you will still receive emails from other websites
  • To stop emails from all website repeat this process for all websites
  • After unsubscribing all website now congrats you will not receive any promotional emails
  • Hopefully this article will help you a lot


If You still have any type of confusion then simply you can watch given video from my YouTube channel to understand everything clearly.


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