Select Option Not Showing In Google Contact | Problem Solved

By | 30/08/2021
Select Option Not Showing In Google Contacts

Select Option Not Showing In Google Contacts? If you are facing this problem and have less features in your google contacts. like you are not able to see select all option select some contacts delete all option and share all options. Then you are on right place because you will be able to solve this problem after reading this article. 


What is Exact Problem?

When you opened phone app (powered by google) in your android mobile then you will see there a option of contact. when you will click on contacts then you can see all the contacts that you may have but at this place you will be short of some features like select contacts feature. In this article i will tell you that how to show these features.

Select Option Not Showing In Google Contacts? How to solve it?

This is not a as much big problem You can solve it easily just by following some steps that are below. Infect after reading this you will find this problem funny. So let’s get started to the our main topic

  • In your android mobile you have 2 apps named as Phone & Contacts
  • When you open Phone app there you can see contacts option when you will click on contacts option then you will be able to see all contacts
  • Here you can call or sms to all contacts but you will not be able to select all or other features that i have already told. 
  • To solve this problem close the Phone app
  • Now open the Contacts App in your android mobile.
  • Here you will see all the features that was missing like sharing contacts selecting contacts and Deleting contacts
  • It was just the simple easy and funny solution. Hopefully Your problem will be solved successfully. 
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If still you have not understand this article or having any type of confusion then you can comment at the end of this page or can simple watch this video.


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